Marijuana and the effects on the brain

I found this interesting read about marijuana and the brain.  I recently did a Prime for Life training, and they talked about the negative effect of THC on the mental health if teenagers so I found this article to be interesting.  It seems to be more mainstream these days.  Here is a great read on […]

Ride Sharing pricing has increased

I have noticed over the past year the price increases of Uber and Lyft.  I just found this interesting article about the pricing: Why Uber and Lyft replaced surge pricing with upfront fares. ( It talks about surge pricing, which is basically increasing the price of a ride based on the demand.  You see it […]

Interesting information about insurance

A friend of mine who owns the insurance agency Foster and Whitmer at 770-717-7380 posted an interesting read about insurance: I don’t post insurance stuff on my page very often, but I feel this information is relevant for the masses. I hope that you find the below information useful, and I hope that it helps […]

Why take a defensive driving class?

There are many reasons to take a defensive driving class.  If you receive a traffic citation many courts have a pre-trial intervention that will allow you to take a defensive driving class for ticket dismissal or have the ticket reduced.  If you already have points on your license, the DDS will allow you to remove […]

What is the super speeder in Georgia and how does it affect teens?

The super speeder law is Georgia is speeding at 75 mph or more on a two-lane road or at 85 mph and above on any road or highway in the State of Georgia.  Teenagers don’t always know the consequences of speeding.  If you are under 21 and get a super speeder ticket in Georgia for […]

Georgia DUI Penalties

Very interesting piece here linked below that I found the other day that talks about Georgia DUI penalties. Georgia DUI Penalties Please give us a call at North Buckhead Driving and DUI School at (678) 510-2099 or visit our website at if we can help you. Remember you can take a defensive driving classdefensive […]

Police Stop in Concord Turns Bad When Suspected DUI Victim Hits Patrol Car

Yesterday in Concord, a police officer had pulled over a man they suspected of a DUI and another man ran into the officer’s vehicle while stopped. This is the article linked below if you would like to check it out. Traffic stop in Concord nearly turns disastrous when suspected DUI driver hits police patrol car […]

Atlanta City Courts plan on re-opening soon

According to an article I found in the AJC this morning, Municipal courts in metro Atlanta are trying to figure out how to re-open safely after being shut down for more than a month. All courts have been closed under a judicial state of emergency due to expire May 13th. The GA Supreme Court is […]