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Anger Management

How do I know if I need anger management training?

Some signs that you need help managing your anger may include:

Feeling you have to hold your anger in on a regular basis
Having constant negative feelings such as cynicism, irritation,   impatience, criticism, or hostility
Having frequent arguments or confrontations with others (loved ones, co-workers, friends)
Using physical violence
Using threats (against others or their property)Displaying extreme/uncontrolled behavior (breaking things, driving recklessly)
Bullying others to get one’s way
Feeling anxious, guilty, or depressed over angry episodes
Avoiding others as a means of controlling anger

Please call North Buckhead Driving and DUI School at (678) 510-2099 or visit our website at to schedule your Anger Management Class. We are the premier Anger Management Atlanta training center.

We offer the following services:

Anger Management Assessment $95, Pre and Post Class and as required

8-hour Saturday class $200

4-hour Saturday class $100
1-hour Saturday class $25
Private custom tailored 8 or 12-hour accelerated class:  1  8-hour class, 2  4-hour classes or 2  6-hour class.  $50/hour.  Must be completed within 2 consecutive days or weeks.  Call to schedule.