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Why Do People Shoplift?

I have often pondered this question since I remember many years back a famous actor was arrested for shoplifting, and it is obvious they had the money to purchase the items.

According to Shoplifters Alternative, a national recovery organization, one out of 11 Americans is a shoplifter—a fact that the National Retail Federation claims cost U.S. businesses almost $11 billion in lost retail sales last year. And among those who shoplift, an estimated 85 percent are doing it not out of necessity or because they’re professional thieves but because they can’t help themselves.

I found an article on about the reasons behind shoplifting. Depression, the sense of deprivation, the need to “even the score” are three reasons noted in the article.

While the main treatment is behavioral therapy for shoplifting nd theft prevention, new studies are showing that there may be a chemical imbalance in the brain so drugs such as Naltrexone may help with treatment. Naltrexone is a drug that attaches to opiate-receptor sites in the brain and is used to treat heroin and alcohol abuse.

I hope this article helps people understand by folks shoplift.

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