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How to Make a Victim Impact Panel More Effective

I read a study recently by Richard P. Crompton and David Shinar about the impact that Victim Impact Panels have on DUI recidivism.

Atlanta Victim Impact Panel

Acccording to the study, to be more effective the Victim Impact Panels should be more focused. It is important to match the speakers to the audience. For example, if you have a teenage audience you should have a speaker that can relate to the teenage mindset. A teenager is more likely to be influenced by an exposure to an incident involving a teenager. Whereas, an older experienced driver may likely to be influenced by an incident involving someone of a similar age.

Victim Impact Panel Atlanta

Also, it is more effective if it is a reocurring exprerience. According to the study, “DUI offenders who are apprehended probably engage in this behavior fairly often, to the point where it can be defined as a habit. To counter a habit, a recurring counter-conditioning is necessary.”

In summary, a Victim Impact Panel should focus on a target audience so that the offenders can relate to stories and should be a reocurring event to have more of an impact.

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