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DUI School Atlanta and Defensive Driving Classes Atlanta – Senate Approves Georgia’s ‘slow-poke’ bill

I found this article in the Atlanta Journal Constitition by Kristina Torres.

Left-lane lurkers on Georgia’s highways and interstates are a pen-stroke away from trouble under legislation given final passage Tuesday by the Georgia Senate.

House Bill 459 would allow authorities to ticket those who lollygag in the state’s left lanes. The bill makes it a misdemeanor for any driver on a divided highway who does not move to the right when a car going faster approaches from behind.

With the state House already signing off on the measure, all it needs is Gov. Nathan Deal’s signature to become law. Senators said they were not trying to encourage speeding. However, as Senate Rules Chairman Jeff Mullis, R-Chickamauga, said, “often times drivers travel through (the left lane) as if they’re in tourist mode.”

The Senate approved HB 459
Blogger’s Note: This bill just needs Nathan’s Deal’s signature to become a law so it looks like the slower drivers need to stay stay out of the left lane.

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