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Difference between a drug and alcohol evaluation and assessment component of a DUI class

Sometimes it can be difficult to navigate the process of getting a DUI. I have received many confused callers in regards to the difference between the drug and alcohol evaluation and the assessment. I will try to clarify in this blog.

The Assessment Component is part of the DUI class. It is a 130-question comprehensive screening instrument used to evaluate the extent of an individual’s alcohol and drug use and its impact on driving. It must be completed in person prior to taking the class. The cost is included in the $355 cost of the Risk Reduction/DUI class.

The drug and alcohol evaluation is separate from the DUI class. As of July 1st, 2008, all first time DUI offenders are required to obtain a clinical evaluation, unless waived by the court. The minimum cost of an evaluation is $95 and must be administered by a DHR certified professional. The evaluation usually takes thirty minutes to one hour. The purpose of the evaluation is to decide whether one needs further drug and alcohol treatment.

I hope this clears up the confusion between a drug and alcohol evaluation and the assessment component of the class!

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