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The DOT is experimenting with new DUI technology.  Earlier this year, it announced that it has been exploring touch based sensors to prevent inebriated drivers from starting their cars.  These devices would work like current ignition lock devices into which the driver blows.  These would differ in that the driver would only have to place his or her finger on the sensor for a BAC to be taken.

Another similar BAC sensing device currently in testing would test the driver’s breath, but would not require that the driver blows into a tube.  Instead, this device would measure the air around the car for signs of alcohol using infrared light spectrum technology.

Both devices are set to begin practical demonstrations later in 2011.  It has been suggested that the touch sensor device might come standard in future car models.  However, it is noted that such a proposal would meet with significant opposition.

We here at North Buckhead Driving and DUI School are trying to make this world a little safter.  We have weekly DUI / Risk Reduction Classes as well as Defensive Driving Classes.  You can sign up by calling our office at (678) 510-2099 or by visiting our website at and using our secure registration system.

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