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Atlanta DUI & Defensive Driving School celebrates texting law anniversary

Today is an anniversary here in Georgia.  It is the one year anniversary of the law that bans texting while driving.  So, how is the law working?  Certainly Georgians continue to be killed or injured in accidents in which texting is believed to have been a factor.  So, the questions becomes whether or not the law has caused these accidents to occur less frequently than they would have without the law?  The answer depends on who you ask. 
Law enforcement doesn’t have enough historical data against which to compare this year’s data.  So, a lot of the evidence is antidotal.  Recent articles quote a lot of people who use to text while driving that changed their ways.  A lot of these folks have been caught in the act and had to pay the $150 fine and had a point added to their license.  Some of these people have come through our Atlanta Defensive Driving Class in order to have the point removed or, in some cases, have the ticket wiped from their record.
On the other hand, there are those people who either don’t know about the law, or choose to ignore it in the name of convenience.    We refer to this as driving while “intexticated.”  These are the people who believe, against all evidence, that they can drive and text safely.  The funny thing is that a good percentage of these stubborn texters have experienced a scary moment while driving as a result of their own texting or someone else’s.  Still, the next time that phone buzzes while they’re heading down the road, they’re likely to pick it up.
Experts suggest that the real key to decreasing the number of texting while driving incidents is long term behavior change, achieved through education and societal dictates.  They point to the gradual acceptance of seatbelt laws example.    
In the meantime, keep an eye out for those who aren’t keeping an eye out. 
We here at North Buckhead Driving and DUI School are trying to make the roads a little safer.  We have weekly DUI / Risk Reduction Classes as well as Defensive Driving Classes.  You can sign up by calling our office at (678) 510-2099 or by visiting our website at and using our secure registration system.