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Anger Management

Anger Management Classes To Fit All Schedules
We’ve found through experience that the different counties around Metro Atlanta have different conditions for satisfying their Court Ordered Anger Management requirements.  Are class schedules are designed to satisfy a wide range of court orders. Or, if your requirements are different, we can design a program to fulfill any court’s order.  But, the client is responsible for knowing what is required by his or her court mandate.
We’re confident one of  convenient class schedule options will fit your schedule.  Once you choose an option that best fits your schedule and you sign up, we can issue a letter stating you have enrolled, if necessary.

Once you’ve finished all of the classes ordered by the court, you will receive a Certificate of Completion and a letter stating that you’ve fulfilled your requirements will be sent to your lawyer, probation officer, judge, or any other party you request.  We can also send these people progress reports, if required.

We offer the following services:

Anger Management Assessment $95, Pre and Post Class and as required

8-hour Saturday class $200

4-hour Saturday class $100
1-hour Saturday class $25
Private custom tailored 8 or 12-hour accelerated class:  1  8-hour class, 2  4-hour classes or 2  6-hour class.  $50/hour.  Must be completed within 2 consecutive days or weeks.  Call to schedule.